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Still Life with Fruit

37 x 55 cm.

Starting price:
180 000 CZK / 7 200 EUR

Auction:OLD MASTERS 18/11/2018, 15:00

Oil on canvas. Johann Adalbert Angermeyer was a prominent painter of still lifes during the Baroque period in Bohemia. His artistic beginnings are connected with the increased interest in collecting and the establishment of art galleries. He is known primarily for his paintings of animals, flowers, fruits, and hunting scenes and was a student of Johann Rudolf Byss. His influences include not only Dutch still-life painters but also German artists such as Georg Flegel. Angermayer worked his entire life in Prague. His students included Jan Kašpar Hirschely, J.V. Jahn and K. Kastner. This particular still life is composed of grapes, melons, peaches, plums and cherries, off of which the incidental light is reflected to varying degrees. Here the artist has proven his mastery of painting fruits, detailed butterflies and flies, as well as the indication of the depth of the scene from front to back.
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