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Man with a Pipe

96 x 81 cm. 96.0 x 81.0 cm

Starting price:
200 000 CZK / 8 000 EUR
Price realized:
210 000 CZK / 8 400 EUR

Auction:OLD MASTERS 18/11/2018, 15:00

Oil on canvas. The painting depicts a confidently standing man in a red cap with a pipe in his mouth. His striking clothing is richly coloured, and his white apron suggests that he could be an innkeeper. The simple dark background enhances the effect of the brightly coloured clothing. The painting is abundant in details, such as his earring, the buttons on his shirtfront, which are partly unbuttoned, and the unfinished cuff of his shirt peeking out from underneath other layers of clothing. On closer examination, other details can be registered, such as subtle smoke coming from the man's mouth, his reddish cheeks and nose (perhaps from alcohol), and the puffiness under his large brown eyes.
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