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How can I sell at an auction with Arcimboldo?

If you’re interested in selling your paintings or antiques, please send one or more clear photographs of the item(s) along with a short description to, or call us on +420 603 811 873 to set up an appointment. Upon prior agreement, our expert can even come to you.

Consultations and valuations are free of charge.

What are we looking for?


  • Chinese and Japanese scroll paintings (20th century)
  • old Chinese and Japanese paintings
  • bronze, stone and wood sculptures
  • porcelain and ceramics
  • cloisonné
  • bone, horn, jade and lacquer carvings
  • snuff bottles
  • Tibetan bronzes and paintings

North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania

  • masks, sculptures and ritual artifacts by indigenous cultures
  • weapons


  • paintings, drawings and prints
  • sculptures
  • unusual works of applied arts

Curiosities and erotic art from around the world

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