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Madonna and Child

118 x 86 cm.

Starting price:
750 000 CZK / 30 000 EUR

Auction:OLD MASTERS 18/11/2018, 15:00

Oil on panel. Expert Analysis: Dr. Alessandro Delpriori, University of Florence. Mariotto Albertinelli was an Italian Renaissance painter of the Florentine school; he began his studies in the workshop of Cosimo Rosselli. During his studies, he met Baccio della Porta, later known as Fra Bartolomeo. They became close friends and from an artistic point of view provided mutual inspiration, and eventually, around 1494, founded a joint workshop. In the years that followed, their work was so closely intertwined that many of their works could not be attributed to only one or the other artist. Around 1500 Baccio decided to retire to a monastery and renounce painting. There he took the name Fra Bartolomeo. In 1509 they resumed their cooperation and opened a workshop together, which remained in operation until 1513. In this painting, Mary is depicted in her typical red dress and blue cloak. Her figure turns to the left, her shoulder extending into the viewer’s space. With her right arm, she embraces the infant Christ, dressed in a blue shirt, looking out of the picture and making the gesture of blessing as his mother supports him with her left hand. The background is formed by green drapes with subtle floral pattern.
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