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PU RU (1896 - 1963)


China, undated. 81 x 25 cm. 81.0 x 25.0 cm

Starting price:
220 000 CZK / 8 301 EUR
Price realized:
1 200 000 CZK / 45 283 EUR

Auction:Asian Works of Art 27/05/2014, 15:00

Ink and colours on paper. Hanging scroll, brocade mounting. Inscription: "The shadows of the poplars and willows caress the long bank, the spring waves reach the fishing boat. The sun will soon set, a light wind blows, carrying the fragrance of flowers from the opposite bank." Signed: Pu Ru. Oval seal before the inscription: Qing nanji. Seal after the inscription: Pu Ru Provenance: Collection of a Czechoslovak journalist. Obtained from master Liu Jintao in Beijing in the late 1950s.
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