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Antonio Calza (1658–1725) - attributed to

Battle Scene

oil on canvas 64.0 x 75.0 cm

Starting price:
100 000 CZK / 4 000 EUR
Price realized:
0 CZK / 0 EUR

Auction:OLD MASTERS - Sept 14, 2019 14/09/2019, 17:00

Antonio Calza was born in Verona, he was the son of a jeweler. He apprenticed with Bolognese painter Carl Cignani, then moved to Rome where he worked under Jacques Courtois. Most of his life, however, was spent in Bologna. His students included Guglielmo Capodoro (Paganini) and Giovanni Battista Canziani. Antonio Calza is known primarily for paintings with historical and battle themes. The scene is executed in dark earth tones with red accents. It depicts a tangle of fighting human bodies and horses in the middle of battle.
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