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QI BAISHI (1864-1957)


20.5 x 31.5 cm. 20.0 x 31.0 cm

Starting price:
650 000 CZK / 26 000 EUR
Price realized:
2 400 000 CZK / 96 000 EUR

Auction:Chinese Art & Antiques 21/05/2013, 17:00

Ink and colours on silk. A page from an album, framed. Collection of similar paintings from the famous album "Flowers and Insects" of 1921 can be found in the National Gallery in Prague. Signed: Lao Ping (Old Man Duckweed - one of Qi Baishi's pseudonyms). Seal: Qi Da (old version). Provenance: collection of Vojtech Chytil. Stamp on the reverse: Carlsbad Customs Office 1931. Exhibition labels: Kunst-verain zu Kassel (No. 145) and Wiener Secession (No. 155). Published: Josef Hejzlar - Čchi Paj-š' (Qi Baishi), Prague, Odeon, 1970, illustration #45. Literature: Michaela Pejcochova - Mistři čínské tušové malby 20. století ze sbírek Národní Galerie v Praze (exhibition catalogue Masters of 20th Century Chinese Ink Painting from the Collections of the National Gallery in Prague), Prague, Národni Galerie, 2008.
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