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XU BEIHONG (1895-1953)


China, dated 1942. 44 x 52 cm.

Starting price:
12 000 CZK / 452 EUR
Price realized:
12 000 CZK / 452 EUR

Auction:Asian Works of Art 27/05/2014, 15:00

Woodblock print. Hanging scroll, brocade mounting. Signed: Beihong made this in Guiyang, at the end of the year renwu. Seal: Jiangnan buyi. Dedication to Mr. Haibu Junshu inscribed by Liao Jingwen, Xu Beihong's second wife. Signature: Liao Jingwen signed in the autumn of 1993. Seal: Liao Jingwen.
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