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Christmas presents for people with everything

Karel BALCAR / Alexandra BARTH / Radka BODZEWICZ DOUBRAVOVÁ / Christophe GILLAND / David KRŇANSKÝ / Jana PALEČKOVÁ / Milan PEKAŘ / Eugenio PERCOSSI / Hideo TAKEDA / Richard ŠTIPL / Jan ULDRYCH / Josef ZLÁMAL

3.12. - 21.12.2019
T: +420 222 700 955
F: +420 246 013 685

Rudolf II was not only the Holy Roman Emperor of the Habsburg noble family, but also a passionate collector of art, books, fauna, natural objects, and curiosities of all kinds. This year's Christmas exhibition is freely inspired by Rudolf and his love for collecting that led to the establishment of his renowned kunstkomora.

The entire exhibition is permeated with this fascination with collecting: it focuses not only on oddities and curiosities from all over the world, but also on objects and artworks that remind us of the passage of time and transience in this pre-Christmas rush. In the spaciousness of the gallery, the spirit of Christmas is reflected in Arcimboldian style, offering a view of the relationships between not only individual objects, but the entire rooms in which they are displayed. Embark on an adventurous imaginary journey into the insight and mind of a contemporary Rudolf II.

Curated by Kristina Pourová

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